Choose Your Own Adventure

Here are the events are leading up to the Thracian slave rebellion led by Spartacus. Slavery is ubiquitous in Rome as a cheap form of labor, and one particular gladiator was not happy about this. After deserting the Roman army and escaping from a gladiatorial barracks in 73 BCE, Spartacus began to stir a slave revolt, through convincing others to run away like he did. He slowly began to amass a slave army, which at first Rome did not consider a threat. However, after the Romans threw various small forces at Spartacus, which he promptly defeated, they realized they were in trouble. At its peak, Spartacus's army contained between 90,000-120,000 soldiers.

Spartacus kept winning more and more battles, and headed for the Alps, in order to leave Rome and find freedom. A small band of 30,000 gladiators broke off with another slave-leader named Crixus and headed to attack Rome itself, but they were defeated. Spartacus continued, winning more battles, before mysteriously turning south instead of continuing across the Alps. Rome sent another army, led by Marcus Crassus, after them. After a few battles, Spartacus and his army was defeated. His body was never found, and over 6,000 slaves were crucified to warn others not to lead another revolt.

You are Marcus Servilius Faustus, a slave born to the owners of a large vineyard in central Italy during the 1st century BCE. For years you have worked for them on the vineyard, but now a fateful change has occurred.